Wedding Planning


Wedding Planning

Wedding is a lifetime bond between two individuals who are truly in love with one another and who wish to spend their entire life being partners for each other. It is a lifetime event that has a lot of stories to tell about MWB Foody Bells EVENTS & WEDDINGS helps in capturing the sweet memories of a wedding.

Destination Wedding

Wedding is a lifetime event that should be planned in such a way that it becomes the most memorable journey for the couple. The wedding day is the dream day for every bride and groom that is to be cherished for the entire life.

Nri Wedding Planning

Wedding is a lifetime bond between two individuals who are really in love with one another and who wish to expend their complete life being partners for each other. It is a life span event that has a lot of stories to tell about.

Wedding Decorations

The wedding is a countless celebration and each couple needs this day to be exceptional. To make the celebrations grand and unforgettable planning starts days before the wedding day. We are one of the major Wedding Decorators in Delhi .

Venue Mangement

MWB Foody Bells Events is Specialized in Wedding Venues in Delhi as venue selection is the most crucial choices to be made for a wedding ceremony. There are a lot of things that depend upon the venue; therefore it is very essential to have an appropriate place for the occasion.

Exclusive Catering

When it comes to organizing a wedding, the first and foremost concern of everybody is the food that will be served. The catering is the major concern of the people who are organizing the wedding.

Dj Setup

An occasion is not complete without DJ and when it is a special occasion of wedding, Parties, Social Events DJ becomes a must. Allure Events is instrumental in providing world class Girls Dj, Wedding DJ in Delhi for weddings, Parties and other special occasions.

Jaimala Themes

Jaimala Theme is the most complicated thing in the entire marriage, if done properly can bring life to wedding. Guest wedding may or entire wedding not attend, but will definitely see Jaimala of the couple. So it is very important to have a nice Jaimala Themes in Delhi .


This marriage season will wave off that uncertainty and make you feel dance to your favorite tune. Learn dance for the wedding function - hire a professional Wedding Choreographers in Delhi.


With extensive experience in this field, we are providing services to entertainment to our customers across India and the world. We have a direct approach and healthy relationships with many entertainers.

Bagpipe Band

Celebrations of any event whether it is small or big one is not complete without the presence of the music. To make the celebrations people always look to arrange for the best entertainment that will make the event enjoyable and memorable for the guests.

Bhangra Dance

The beginning of traditional Bhangra is tentative. According to Indians, Bhangra is connected to the Punjabi dance 'bagaa' which is a soldierly dance of Punjab.

Wedding Safa

Let us first explain you what safa means. Safa is also called Pagdi that is tied on head on wedding function by both the families (the girl side and the boy side and other close relatives).

Wedding Pandits

What are the most important things in a marriage or People who play a very crucial role in beginning of your new journey? Your family for sure, relatives, friends and most importantly the love of your life your wife/husband going to be.

Car Decorations

Are you planning to get married? And want it to be grand wedding why donít hire someone to make it special for you. Who is ready to take all the responsibility so that you can spend more time with your family and you can enjoy special moments of your family.

Trousseau Packing

Gifting is a workmanship. So is bundling! We have culminated Wedding Trousseau Packing in Delhi . A tasteful blessing turns out to be significantly more tasteful and remarkable in the event that it is wrapped in a similarly wonderful blessing pressing.

Female Bartenders

MWB Foody Bells Events provides professional wedding bartending services. We can provide service for any event including: weddings, corporate events, fund raisers, and private parties.

Wedding Band

As said Marriages are made in heaven it is considered a life changing faze in oneís life. When you start your life with a person who completes you who is called as your better half. In India, people save their entire life for their or their kidís marriage to be celebrated as a big fat Indian wedding.